Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Ethical Perspective Essay

We all like to believe that we can work in an atmosphere where no problems would arise where we would need to contact our superiors at the job. In some places this may be the case but there are workplaces that exist where this is not always the case. When a situation is to arise, what would be the proper thing to do? Should we get HR involved or keep it at a level where we can handle things on our own. In the Ethic Games stimulation we are asked to put ourselves in the decision making process of what the right thing to do is. A manager would need to know the correct way to handle situations that occur in the workplace between all of their employees. The mysterious rose case was one of confidentiality and how to keep information private regarding the employee, Gayle, receiving rose from an unknown source. The employee that have been sending the flowers has made me aware of the situation and does not see a problem because he sees it as him bringing good cheer to someone. This situation could be a possible case of harassment on the part of the anonymous employee due to the fact that the delivery seems to create a problem for Gayle. She is concerned that someone may be trying to get her attention and she does not want that to happen, so she sees this as a problem. The problem is that I know that I cannot promise her complete confidentiality because the situation may interfere with the company policy on employee interactions. The simulation took me through a series of steps to guide me on how to look at the situation from different ethical lenses. Identifying the rights and responsibilities and results of all that are involved would be my first lenses to look at. I took different approaches than what the simulation suggested but the end result was me letting her know that she could meet with me to discuss the situation and that she should review the company handbook to give her more insight on our harassment policies and so she would understand why I could not guarantee complete confidentiality. In regards to the case of the cold feet, the second stimulation had to do with falsifying information in a report. This notion was exposed by two employee reports that seemed to conflict. Falsifying information in any type of situation would never be accepted no matter the reason. It is in no way, shape, or form showing good sources of ethical moral, especially being that this is transpiring in the workplace. As a superior I would need to speak with the source that is falsifying the material, as well as the source that discovered the conflict in the work. I would appreciate the explanation as to why the material was altered in the first place and alth ough no answer would be acceptable, I would still like to know the reason behind such wrongdoing. As a superior of this employee I would either (depending on the circumstance) place the employee on a strict temporary probation, a suspension, or even possibly terminate them. Falsifying any type of information or data can be considered as a serious ethical issue. People do it for various reasons, but most do it because they feel as though it would benefit the company that they work for, or cause them to receive good reviews of their progress with work and for the organization to invest in them. In my workplace, falsifying information is a big concern. I work with over a thousand different banks, credit unions, and financial organizations. All in a day’s work I am exposed to an exponential amount of data that is personal and sensitive, such as account numbers, social security numbers, address’, names, and phone numbers. If any of this information is to be compromised with, altered, or used for any personal reasons would immediately result in termination. We want to have a personal relationship filled with trust for each and every one of our consumers. This effect will make each consumer feel comfortable and safe doing business with us, as well as keeping the company flowing in a positive manner. In closing, I have found that the two simulations that I have analyzed can be utilized to guide someone in actual real life situations. For any person in a managerial position, I am sure that making decisions like this in these particular situations would be difficult, and it usually takes a strong person to come to the right decisions that they believe is in the best interest of the company. Decisions are made daily to what the right thing to do in all situations, the business world does not a pass just because those decisions may not be what is best for the business. References EthicsGame.com, LLC. (n.d.). The Ethics Game: The Mysterious Rose and The Cold Feet [Multimedia]. Retrieved from EthicsGame.com, LLC, ETH 316 website.

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