Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Navy Seals Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Navy Seals - Research Paper Example nd air.) My stance on this paper will be that the NAVY Seals are a viable, necessary part of the Modern military not only in history but today as well they are a much needed force in today’s wars to combat terrorism and conflicts (Navy Seal History, N.D.) In the Second World War when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, America wanted to retaliate, however they were facing unknown, unseen enemies. Their soldiers became the target of landmines and other hazards. Thus the need of a force was felt which can clear the ground for the forces and comeback with enemy intelligence. They were called Naval combat demolition units. They underwent heavy training focusing mainly on physical endurance. Their training included carrying heavy leads, running, swimming and maneuvering small boats. Later they came to be known as Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT). In 1961 when an ally of America was fighting with an ally of Russia, US wanted to help his or her own ally. The Navy felt the need of a Special operations Unit building on the basis of UDT. Hence, Navy Seals was born. Their primary task was to clear the way for the Navy, obstruct enemy communication and destroy enemy ammunitions. (Obringer, Navy Seal History, N.D.)Â   The US Navy Seals are approximately 2200 in numbers, worldwide and they have special divisions within them who specialize in a particular territory. SEALS risk their lives and as per their motto of serving the country first and not individuals. They are called quiet professionals because most of their missions are highly secret and they cannot discuss their lives even with their wives. They get special training for in water demolition and scuba diving as most of their operations are in and around water-bodies. This is of strategic importance because in today’s world majority of the population in cities live within close range of water bodies. SEALS fight enemies of US all over the world. It can be a task to free hostages, or fighting with terrorists all over the

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