Saturday, March 14, 2020

Business Proposal Persuasive Memo Essays

Business Proposal Persuasive Memo Essays Business Proposal Persuasive Memo Paper Business Proposal Persuasive Memo Paper Essay Topic: Persuasive Katricia Williams March 15 2009 Persuasive Memo Rewrite Memo To: Donee Williams From: Katricia Williams Date: March 15 2009 Re: Persuasive Memo So you are about to graduate from High school and are beginning to look for a school that is right for you. Well ask yourself this question â€Å"What about Morgan State University? † This a school that prides itself in being one of the most prestige schools in the state of Maryland. MSU is located in Baltimore city on the border of Towson. And for those students that want the full campus experience, Morgan has 4 dorms, housing apartments for athletes, and an apartment complex called Morgan View that allows students to get the off campus experience but also only be walking distance from school. Morgan has a variety of majors to choose from as well as minors. We have a wonderful Financial Aid department that is willing to work with you to make sure that you get the most out of your education without cost having to be your greatest obstacle. But not only is Morgan an academic environment, but the students no how to play as well. You can always count n the students and even faculty sponsoring or participating in some events, for example Morgan Day. This day was created as a celebration for students and faculty to flaunt they’re Orange, white and Blue, and be proud to be a Morgan Bear. So go ahead and check out or website at www. morgan. edu, there u can look up your major, and any other questions will be answered. Good Luck and hopes to see you soon. Katricia Williams Accounting Undergraduate

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